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Indoor air quality inside a building is optimised through temperature and humidity exchange by Lossnay

Lossnay is a total heat exchange ventilation system that uses paper characteristics to perform temperature(sensible heat) and humidity (latent heat) exchange.

The need for ventilation

The need for fresh air

Poor air quality can be attributed to many problems arising in the workplace and in the home. It is believed to contribute to a significant loss in productivity, low morale and higher rates of sickness. Providing good ventilation in residential and commercial buildings is to provide conditions under which people can live and work comfortably and safely.

Lossnay realizes more comfortable amenities

The filter equipped on Lossnay core eliminates dust and dirt from outside. It provides clean and fresh outdoor air to your rooms. The supply fan and exhaust fan run to ensure that the indoor air pressure is well-balanced. It prevents draft from outside, too.

  • Conventional ventilation system

  • Lossnay ventilation system

What can be improved by introducing Lossnay?

Ventilation with maximised comfort

Further Energy Saving Features

Power consumption reduced further with introduction of DC motor

A high efficiency DC motor has been adopted. Compared to models with an AC motor, power consumption is reduced.

Air volume control by CO2 sensor

An external CO2 sensor can be connected directly to the Lossnay RVX units allowing the fan speed to vary according to the CO2 levels detected. When the CO2 concentration is low, the unit can operate at a lower airflow compared to previous models and this improves total heat exchange efficiency and contributes to energy saving.

Solution to PM2.5

Why do you need a filter in your ventilation system?

Ventilation is important. However, outside air may not always be fresh and clean, especially if you are living in a smog-choked city. Filtering the outside air before bringing it into your home/office is a solution to reduce your exposure to air pollution.

What is PM2.5?

PM2.5 is airborne particulates that are 2.5μm or smaller in size. They may carry toxins in the air and can penetrate deep into the lungs, potentially causing health problems.

PM 2.5 air pollutant control with Lossnay ventilation

Lossnay offers optional filters, PZ-RFP-E-Series for LGH-RVX and GUF-Series, which are designed to remove approx. 95% of airborne particulates that are 2.0μm or larger.


Optional Filter PZ-RFP-E Series
Advanced high-efficiency filter

Replace filter very 1 year
Applicable Model LGH-RVX Series, GUF Series