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A message from the President is currently being finalised.

Please access our Environmental Performance Review 2017(P2) (Environmental Performance Review) to see the President’s message from 2017.

T Sugiyama

Takeshi Sugiyama
President & CEO

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDGs Closely Related to Mitsubishi Electric Group Environmental Activities

Ensuring Access to and Sustainable Management of Water and Sanitation

Mitsubishi Electric Group's water treatment and purification technologies provide vital products and systems that help to ensure the supply of safe water.

Major businesses/initiatives: Plant systems for water supply and sewage, ozone generators

Securing Sustainable Energy and Expanding Its Use

As well as developing technologies, products and systems that contribute to saving and generating energy and creating a smart society, the Mitsubishi Electric Group is working to disseminate them around the world.

Major businesses/initiatives: Power generation, transmission and distribution business, photovoltaic power generation

Securing a Sustainable Production and Consumption Format

Our initiatives include reducing resource inputs during manufacturing and recycling used products. We are also promoting green procurement and the reduction of final waste disposal.

Major businesses/initiatives: Reuse/recycling businesses, green procurement

Climate Change and Mitigating Its Effects

Emissions of greenhouse gases, including CO2, are assessed for the value chain as a whole in order to reduce them to targets we have set.

Major businesses/initiatives: Energy-saving products, reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Protecting and Restoring Ecosystems and Preventing the Loss of Biodiversity

In addition to developing and providing observation satellites that report the status of oceans and woodlands, we are carrying out activities at business sites that enable us to live with the surrounding environment in harmony.

Major businesses/initiatives: Satellites, living creatures studies, "Satoyama" Woodland Preservation Project