Energy & Electric Systems

Turbine generators, hydraulic turbine generators, nuclear power plant equipment, motors, transformers, power electronics equipment, circuit breakers, gas-insulated switchgears, switch control devices, surveillance-system control and security systems, large display devices, electrical equipment for locomotives and rolling stock, lifts, escalators, building security systems, building management systems and others

Next-Generation SiC Inverter for Railcars

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a traction inverter for railcars that incorporates silicon carbide (SiC), a new type of semiconductor. This new inverter, with its energy-efficient, compact, lightweight, low-maintenance and low-noise design, is expected to play a major role in next-generation railcar propulsion systems.

Large-scale Visual Information System for ZOZOMARINE STADIUM

A total of five Diamond Vision™ displays—one main screen, two sub-screens for outfield stands and two sub-screens for the area behind the backstop netting—have been delivered to ZOZOMARINE STADIUM, the home field of the Chiba Lotte Marines (Japanese professional baseball team). Various images and videos can be shown in an interconnected display, further contributing to excitement throughout the ballpark.

Power Plants

Mitsubishi Electric power plant installations are used both by power utility companies and by companies in various industries as in-house power generators. Owing to its accumulated expertise and leading technological capabilities, Mitsubishi Electric is able to provide optimal power plants in various power generation fields.

NEXIEZ Machine-room-less Lifts

Compact, lightweight and energy-saving, NEXIEZ machine-room-less lifts are the global flagship product. They are widely used throughout the world, mainly in low- to mid-rise buildings. Models designed with various functions and features for specific regions are also available to meet the preferences and customer needs of each region.

Series S Escalators

The S-Series escalators offer enhanced safety through several features that ease stepping on/off and help prevent clothing from getting caught, so that passengers of all ages, from small children to the elderly, can use the escalators safely. They also offer a higher level of energy conservation by providing optional features such as VVVF inverters and LED lighting. Environmentally friendly, people-friendly and beautiful, the S-Series show the future of escalators.